The Book of Syn

Syn front cover

The Book of Syn – Russell Thorndike, Dr Syn and the Romney Marsh, by Keith Swallow, is partly a biography of Russell Thorndike, actor, author and brother of Dame Sybil Thorndike, partly a discussion of the Dr Syn novels, set around Dymchurch in Kent and so graphic that many still believe that Syn was a real person, and partly a look at the background of the Romney Marsh and the smuggling that went on there. The book also looks at the making of the three films based on the novels and at other spin-offs, including the stage play, in which Thorndike starred. For anyone who has been hooked on the Dr Syn novels, this book provides valuable background information.

Keith Swallow’s new book, Much Drinking in the Marsh, has just been published

2013, ISBN 978-0-9548390-9-3, Price £16.00

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