EGraphic1dgerton Publishing Services (EPS) was founded by David Penfold in 1989, initially to provide consultancy and services to the publishing industry. Pages will be added in due course to illustrate those services. They include project management (for example of the SuperJournal Project in 1993), advice on databases for publishing (for example, for the Hutchinson Encyclopedia and Miller’s  Antique Shops, Fairs  and Auctions), consultancy on SGML and XML and various other editing and writing tasks.

David was also for a number of years a Senior Lecturer at the London College of Printing, which subsequently became the London College of Communication, part of the University of the Arts London. He was deputy Course Director of the Publishing MA and also taught on print management courses and supervised a number of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (with, among others, the Press Association, the Bridgman Art Library and Octopus Publishing). He has also taught for the European Communication School and is a Visiting Fellow at the Nottingham Business School, where he has taught a module on Digital Publishing.

David is also Convenor of Working Group 1 (Terminology) of  ISO Technical Committee 130, involved in the development of standards for Graphic Technology, as well as being webmaster for NetIKX.

In the last ten years, EPS has begun to offer editing, layout and publishing to authors of local history and related books. Details of the books that have been published are shown on the following pages. All can be ordered from any bookshop or from Amazon. Alternatively, send an email to penfold[at]eps-edge.co.uk for details of how to obtain a copy. The prices given include postage within the UK; the cost of postage outside the UK can be supplied on request.

EPS will also edit, format and arrange the printing of your book, even if you only want a few copies for private distribution. Send an email to penfold[at]eps-edge.co.uk with details of what you want to do and David will get back to you to discuss the options.

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  1. HI
    I believe your publishing company may have published a book on the Admiral Sir Geoffrey Phipps Hornby by Augusta Phipps Hornby. I would be very interested in contacting her as my great great Grandfather was his Butler, do you think this may be at all possible?

    Many Thanks

    Susan McCormick

  2. I would like to purchase two copies of ” Nanny Goat Island “. An email to ” penfold (at)eps-edge.demon.co.uk” has been rejected by my server. Can you help please?

    1. Sorry about that. Please try again or try david[at]eps-edge.demon.co.uk or d.penfold[at]lcc.arts.ac.uk.

      You can also go to a bookshop, who should be able to order copies for you. The book is not yet on Amazon.

  3. Hi
    I also have been trying to contact you re purchase of a copy of Nanny Goat Island. Have tried both email addresses and both have been rejected. Not able to go to book shop as live in Spain and this is for a gift in the UK.

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